Tuesday, March 22, 2005

First blog

Faced with a blank page! What a familiar feeling. What I'd like to do with this blog is to put down my thoughts on trying to write. I'm currently preparing some pieces for entry in my local Writing Group's competition. It's to be the first 5000 words of a novel, and the dreaded synopsis.

Well, I wrote the synopsis first (which is actually a first for me!) and it went without a hitch. This is probably because I actually have some idea of what the story is about. But it's dangerous territory for me, because this is the story I really want to write. I have been writing something else for three years or so, deliberately avoiding the story as I don't want to cock it up. But the other story (about a female soldier in 6th century Britain) hasn't been going well for a number of reasons, which I'll chat about later.

Anyway, back to the story. I've just completed the 5000 word part now, and it didn't take me long (again, because I know what the bloody thing's about; it's such a relief after 3 years of pathering in the dark with the other one). I'll have another couple of sessions of tweaking the words and the synopsis this week. Fortunately, I've completed the first drafts in time for me to be able to put them away for a couple of weeks, then work on them again before the deadline on April 13th. After that, I can also use them to enter the Winchester Writers' conference in June - first three pages and a synopsis.

Eeek! I must go and get dressed. I've got to catch the free 'Granny Bus' that goes down to Tescos.


At 8:44 pm GMT, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Hurrah! Another historical fiction writer's blog! I shall be back...


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