Friday, March 25, 2005


Writing's not on my mind today. I'm trying to do some mosaic work. I'll be doing mosaics for my re-enactment this season. The only problem is, I've never done it before! So I've got two kits. One is a coaster with a rabbit on, which I'll do first, and will hopefully be very simple. The other is a more serious mosaic kit, based on a stag from a Roman mosaic, though the tesserae are modern ceramics.

Anyway, when I've done this, I'll have something to exhibit whilst I'm making tesserae from the materials I've assembled. Via my archaeological work, I can get my hands on real Roman tile (don't worry, it's all been recorded thoroughly first, but is surplus to requirement!), but haven't managed to get hold of some stone (I'm after limestone mostly). However, I have purchased some marble from a company in Italy, though such posh marble isn't rife in Britannia, but was used sometimes. I'm aiming at being a musivaria (female mosaicist) from 4th century Britannia, gawd help me!


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