Thursday, August 04, 2005


Crikey! Several of the US bloggers I normally visit are away at present, at the RWA conference. From a UK blog, I've just found out about what happened at the conference. Eek! Let's put it this way, these things are extremely unlikely to happen at the UK version - the Romance Novelists' Association - for one thing, it's much, much smaller in scale (though older than the RWA). Gabriele: you need not worry about joining the Historical Novel Society, either; again it's much smaller in scale, though there was a US conference this year (but I don't think they had strange videos or stretch limousines). Neither the RNA or HNS has the sheer market size that the RWA has. Sounds like Wendy Woo would be on the verge of being banned in the RWA !!! Can't imagine that happening in the RNA.


At 11:23 am BST, Blogger wendywoo said...

Actually, I've just joined the RWA because I write for one of their 'recognised' publishers, Ellora's Cave... :)

Lots of RWA members write really hot romantic fiction, but it does sound as if there's a part of the membership that doesn't really approve. RNA members, however, don't seem to be quite so worried about having such 'darksiders' in their midst!


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