Thursday, September 29, 2005

Disco beat

I thought they'd already put on some disco beat music on when I went into the room where the MRI scanner was. Wrong - that's the sound the MRI scanner makes. It also makes other, much louder, click/thud sounds at certain points, so that the patient (or are we called customers, theses days?) needs to wear headphones. Spem in Alium made it to the final cut, so I listened to that through the headphones as I lay with my foot in the machine for upwards of 40 minutes. It didn't really seem that long.

The view from the machine was white and grey, so the heavenly Tallis voices acted like an angel choir. They were a good choice over the complex orchestral/choral tones of Kullervo. Actually I thought the MRI machine looked rather like one of theose megalith stones with the hole in. So that's what the stones were for - channelling magnetic resonance! Prehistoric MRI scans :-)

Anyway, the MRI scan is the easy bit. It's the results that matter. If they don't find anything from this, it's back to the drawing board. Unfortunately, not being able to walk properly is something I can't ignore (the foot started swelling up after last Thursday's exertions up the hill at Goathland last week, for example), so I'm just hoping that the scan will have shown something, and that the treatment can go forward. October 25th, when I see the specialist again, will be crunch-time.


At 3:42 pm BST, Blogger Tess said...

Hope they figure out what's wrong, Alex. That must be so frustrating! Fingers crossed.


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