Monday, September 19, 2005

Food and pots

Another pic of John Hudson in action. Here he is serving up Savoury Tosted or Melted Cheese a recipe by Sir K Digby who wrote a cook book in the 17th century. The recipe contains farmhouse cheddar cheese, cream, peas, and bacon, melted down in a pan, which John then poured over toasted white bread. I can attest it was yummy! Also lovely was the Norfolk Fool (R May, again 17th century) - cream, eggs and spices heated, poured over white bread, and intended to set. It didn't in the alloted time, but still tasted very nice indeed. A Sallet of boiled spinach tasted really good, complete with the addition of spices and sultanas. This recipe is from from W Rabisha, 17th century. Also on offer were freshly made sausages, boiled chicken for the winter season, bread pudding in guts (like a sausage, but sweet), and stewed salmon.

And to give Olga some hope that John Hudson may come her way, he'd just recently returned from attending a conference in the US, where he'd done the same show. How on earth he got his huge chopping knife through customs on both sides of the Atlantic in the current climate, I'm uncertain. Apparently it went in the hold, but was thoroughly checked over. Anyway, John's obviously open to invitation from all comers :-)


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