Saturday, November 12, 2005

Diary of a homeworker

A column in The Guardian struck a cord for me today. Diary of a Homeworker addressed the limitations of working at home. Though the columnist patently has a 'proper' job, whereby she has a steady income and there is a head office that isn't her own home, she experiences similar frustrations and dubious joys to a freelancer. Must admit I don't have a problem with callers - most the time I opt not to answer, unless I can sneak a look out the bedroom window and either see a car or the caller and it looks like I should reply (eg. a services meter reader or the Royal Mail). Somehow the callers can see that she's in and don't get the hint she's on the phone! Er ... I think she might find it useful to install net curtains for starters.

But the thing that really struck home was the isolation. I don't get lonely, but I feel I'm definitely out of the loop. And then when you do visit offices (which I've done recently) I know I'm out of the loop. But in the end, it's nice to come home and keep away from getting involved in things that distract me from my primary tasks.

Oh yeah, my partner liked the last line of the article:

This column appears monthly

He took that to mean she only works one day a month - rather like me of late, especially regarding the pay aspect :-)

The previous homeworker column was of interest too - about having to create routine, having the work at home means the work's always with you, and having to make yourself go out to get fresh air. All very familiar, except that I don't really miss the office company!


At 7:19 pm GMT, Blogger Olga said...

There are advantages of working at home and working at the office. One of the former ones is that you can avoid a long drive - three hours daily as I have right now! Btw, I hope your paying aspect will improve, Alex!


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