Sunday, March 27, 2005

Growing organically

Unfortunately not to do with stuff planted in the ground and grown without the aid of pesticides, but it is Problem 3 with the 6th century story. Planning would have been nice, but in my Universe of Writing did not happen. After many false starts, I knew I didn't want to do any sort of chapter-by-chapter planning. It would be restrictive; even though I know I can change it, imposing any sort of structure can stifle story and spontaneity. I do a lot of thinking about what their paths might be, but it stays in my head till I sit in front of the computer. It means I follow dead ends, which are time consuming, but this shambolic methods seemed to be the way I write.

However, there was a chink of light in the gloom with the 5th century story. I was able to write the synopsis first, and even follow it up with the 5000 words that the writing group competition requires. It occurs to me that the character (definitely a bloke, so no waivering this time!) I'm writing about loves strucutre and copes well with restrictions imposed on him. But, in effect, he knows what he wants, and I know what the story is about. Result is happiness all round.

Problem 4 (what's it all about?): Not curently a problem with the 5th century story, but a massive one with the 6th century. I've now learnt that knowing what the story is about is not the same as restrictive planning. Yes, I'm sure it's absolutely obvious, but not to the likes of me.

Anyhow, today is probably going to be another writing day. I've been tapping away on the computer, on and off for a couple of days. It seems that doing the synopsis and 5000 words for the 5th century story, has rekindled my interest in my 6th century story. Added to that, doing this blog has ordered my thoughts somewhat, plus Kate, Tess and Olga's comments have been very helpful too. The time is ripe because for the first time in 3 years we have no re-enactment show on at Easter; it's fallen too early in the season, for camping, so I've gone with the urge to write and know I have the time. My partner knows that when the study door is closed, I'm writing and he doesn't disturb me. I've written a lot of words, most them not in the right order, or great English, or any good at all, but it's good to be indulging in a bit of word-play again.

A bit of mosaicing tomorrow though, else I'll be behind with my plans for the group's first show of the year at the end of April.


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