Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Kate has commented that the tesserae making business looks a little dangerous. Yes, well, it is! I've got a hole in the index finger of my left hand - it could have been worse, I might not have been wearing a leather glove :-) Since I didn't know how the material would behave, I also wore an eye shield, though I won't be wearing it for re-enactment events (but the glove will stay, and might not be anachronistic anyway) Mainly I'm concerned with the health & safety of event visitors. I shan't be whacking tile and stone anywhere close to them. The marble sticks, however, are somewhat more manageable and more predictable, so they're a possibility for doing close to the public. I'll see how it goes, but I think I might be ordering more marble sticks from the suppliers

Still progressing with LotR.. Got 7200 words, and am into Chapter 2. It's very much a first draft and I'm trying not to worry overly the 'show not tell' business at present, though I know it's not my strong point. Too many years of writing dry academic reports; that's my excuse


At 11:30 pm BST, Blogger Olga said...

(((Alex))). As for show and tell, you have a great excuse! Sometimes, I have trouble with showing, too...

At 11:54 pm BST, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Remember you can always revise craft later... just get the story down for now.

Yay on your Rosemary Sutcliffe link. Must have a trawl through. She and Henry Treece were favourites of mine when a kid.


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