Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Non-productive day

Not done much today on the writing front as we went into town to get some items for the mosaic making display. Kate asked what will happen to my completed mosaic - it will be part of my display when I do the Roman re-enactment shows. My dear partner is currently putting some beading round the edge, primarily to protect the tesserae on the edges of the mosaic. We could easily adapt it to hang on the wall, and it might come to that, when I've got a few mini-mosaics made from completely authentic materials. The Stag is all made from ceramic tesserae which would not have been the case.

In her blog, Kate says she has to have a proper title to the work she's doing before she starts, otherwise she's not happy . After my experience with the chaotic 6th century story, I'm inclined to agree. It had a 'working' title which was so I could easily refer to it (it was, funny enough, abbreviated to SoD, which I said often, and with feeling!) The 5th century story, virtuous as ever (and I hope it stays that way) already has a proper title, and has had for many years. Like Kate, I don't want to say what it is, but its abbreviation is: LOTR! No, it's not 'Lord of the Rings,' or Lord of anything come to that, but anyone familiar with the subject matter of the story, would realise how apt the title is.


At 12:40 am BST, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Cool. So I'm looking forward to some pics of some Romans. :)


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