Sunday, July 10, 2005


Had a wizard wheeze regarding naalbinding socks the other day - why not use chunkier wool so the socks would get made quicker? I still haven't completed a sock yet, due to false starts - my first one has too many duff stitches and with my second, I forgot I was still supposed to be adding two stitches at a time and went down to one double every ten - duh!

Anyway, more false starts with the chunky wool; I made the toe too big, and by the time I started to take it in for the body of the foot, it was way too big. And I did this twice; my 'toe' should be pretty small, if I have chunky wool. Now seem to have it sussed and my fifth one is OK so far, but I'm just coming to the heel. Should I expand the sock again, or will it be OK if I just continue with the same width? I have seen the socks done as a tube, so it may be OK ...


At 3:34 am BST, Blogger Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Alex, I just came across your blog via Gabriela's. I'm also a historical fiction writer (Greek history) but my other w.i.p. is ancient Britain 4th C. B.C. (which I hope to finish once this one great long saga of the fall of Alexnder's dynasty is done...soon I hope!)
wynn bexton is also my pen name, derived from a Welsh version of my first name and my Mom's last name.
(I'm in Canada but my parents were from Nottingham and Caerphilly).

Nice to have contact with other historical fiction writers. the way, as I was on those tubes in London only 5 wks ago I am feeling such sorrow for the folks there. London is one of my beloved cities and to see her people so tragically attacked is devastating.

At 8:42 am BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Hi Wynn,

Thank you for visiting! I'll visit your blog shortly :-) Bordessa is the surname of my great-great grandmother, whose father came to London in the 1850s (one of the earlier Italian immigrants; the main wave being during the 1880s)

I was on the Tube a month ago and always think it would be awful to get stranded down there due to power failure, but bombed ...

Can't say I love the dirty old city (even though my father's family is from there; they moved out after the WW2 as 'London overflow') but it's an exciting place and the multi-cultural and multi-faith heart of Britain.


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