Friday, July 01, 2005

Bernard Cornwell

I'm really enjoying Bernard Cornwell's 'The Last Kingdom' at the moment. I decided not to buy the hardback, and waited till the paperback came out, but now I'll have difficulty waiting for the sequel to come out in paperback! Before this, I read one of the Sharpe novels as a review for the Historical Novel Society, and then tried the Warlord Chronicles. I didn't get on with the latter as the subject matter was not of much interest to me, it turned out (too many Celts, not enough Romans), though got the first book on audio tape, which was entertaining whilst driving to re-enactment events.

Cornwell's excellent at action scenes, and generally very gritty and realistic. The first time I met Sharpe on the printed page, he was peeing into a flower bed - now that's my kind of novel! And 'The Last Kingdom' has the same ambience about it. Bravo!


At 10:23 pm BST, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

There's a sequel? Argh, I hate waiting for paperbacks, too.

At 6:41 pm BST, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

"too many Celts, not enough Romans"

Lol, I hope I get a better mix for you. :)


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