Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Doh factor

Diane kindly answered my question on her blog about craft magazines with mosaic articles. Typically, it was a very innocent question. I was actually looking for a craft magazine that might give me some ideas for presenting mosaics. I've been checking them out, but haven't come across anything with mosaics in it so far. But canny Diane has pointed out that there are no articles about mosaics in the 15 craft magazines she's been looking at for her Market Index spot in Writing Magazine. There may be an opportunity there. It's not that I'm slow on the uptake or anything ...

I'm going into town tomorrow, and will take the opportunity to have a really critical look at the craft magazines. Many thanks, Diane :-) And keep up the excellent momentum in revising Night Crawler!


At 9:14 am BST, Blogger Diane said...

I can't help it. Must be my training over the years. The first thing I do when reading a batch of magazines is look for the gap in the market. Well, I don't necessarily *look* for it, it just - well - appears. (The next thing I do is look for the "regular" slot that I might be able to fill.)

Of course, sometimes, if they don't have articles on a particular subject, it may mean their readers don't want one. But to go through so many and not find a single article on the subject? Nah. Definite gap.

I'm also thinking naalbinding ... :oD

Oh, and I knew where your interest lay, but just thought I'd make the "suggestion".

Good luck with the browsing. :o)


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