Sunday, October 30, 2005


Last Tuesday I was told that the MRI scan on my foot was negative for Morton's Neuroma, and my blood tests were all clear for things like rheumatoid arthritis. Phew! As a consequence I've been referred to the Orthotics man who will be making an insert for my shoe to pad the foot. The muscles in my foot are stiff and apparently proper cushioning will help. I did try this myself way back (and also visited a private podiatrist who was more concerned with pronation), but the chap reckons I wouldn't have put it in the right place - further back than one would think. Certainly, there's a pair of particular trainers I wear, with good padding under the arch, and which really helps support my foot and causes less pain. So hopefully, comprehensively placed cushioning will do the trick. Appointment is just before Christmas. If it works, it will work straight away apparently, so perhaps I'll have a really fantastic, slightly early, Christmas present!


At 10:36 am GMT, Blogger Diane said...

That's really good news on the foot front. I expect you're relieved. However, it must still be quite frustrating not knowing what's causing it. Good luck with the inserts. I find those useful when my arches have dropped a bit - usually from wearing slippers for much of the time as I've not been out in proper shoes.


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