Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tidying up ...

... is a dirty business. But it's worth it. I found all sorts of things in the front study! Stuff I'd forgotten I'd done (eg. lecture acetates), and that will be of use to me when I teach my archaeology course in January. It was well worth the muck and mither. I've also made a bit more room on the shelves, by chucking out stuff I don't use. No, not books! Mainly bits of redundant paper out of loads of files. Had to keep all those archaeology reports though, just in case :-( Now my lovely archaeology books have room to breath.

However - there's always an however - there's other stuff in there that still needs sorting. I've a veritable mountain of photocopies from journals to sort out; they're currently languishing in a draw. I'll need them for the Mag Op, so I'll have to steal myself to go in there and do the dirty at some point. *Sigh*

That's enough for today, though, as I'm going out to the theatre this evening, and need to iron some clothes to wear!


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