Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Strung bow

Hey, for the first time ever, I've managed to string my ash bow! I didn't manage it at the Re-enactment Fayre, and had a go when we got home but still failed, even though the dp managed it. Finally, when on my own, I've managed to do it! It takes more wellie than I'd like to put on it. As Helen (the lady who sold me the bow) said, I am worried about breaking my new toy. Well, I've managed to string it now, and unstring it, and haven't broken it, so feel a little more confident.

I've now got to make a nice cover for it, and also for the self-nocked arrows I bought. The latter are sharps, and I'm wondering if I should've bothered to invest in them. Should have gone for red-heads - rubber tipped, and therefore less perilous to the population at large. I could always change the heads, I guess.

The best thing about this bow is that I shall get some exercise to the upper body. Certainly, when I was having some taster shots back at the group training session in March, I felt the muscles having to work and was sore afterward. But this is when a bit of pain is good for you!


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