Sunday, November 13, 2005

Glad 'e ate 'ere!

Ay-up, Russell Crowe has been seen in York! It's not surprising, as his wife has relatives living close by in Nether Poppleton. He's been sighted in hte area before, but this may be the closest the average Yorkie has ever come to meeting the Gladiator star. Anyway, the local newspaper had a field day, hence the truly naughty headline of the article: Glad 'e ate 'ere. Yes, he was seen queuing (!) to get into the local Betty's Tea Rooms. There was no media frenzy, as he wasn't making a big impact, and the newspaper only found out after the fact. Unfortunately, I wasn't in town that day, so missed it all. It sounds like I might not have realised anyway, as he was obviously blending easily into the crowd.


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