Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Writing Magazine (May 2006, page 25) has a competition to win a copy of Marina Oliver's Writing Historical Fiction:

What is your favourite historical period and why?

Answer the question in no more than 250 words on one side of A4, in double spacing. On the reverse give your name, address, telephone number and if possible an email address. There are two free copies of the book on offer. Post your entry to:

Competition Department (Historicals)
Writing Magazine
First Floor
Victoria House
143-145 The Headrow

Closing date: 17th July. Manuscripts can't be returned. The winning entry will be published in Writing Magazine.


At 9:55 pm BST, Blogger Sarah Cuthbertson said...

This competition would certainly concentrate what's left of my mind! I've never given much serious thought as to why the Roman empire is my favourite historical period. Maybe I was Caligula in my previous incarnation.

BTW I see Barbara Ewing is on the magazine cover. I'm sure she's the actress who played Bradley Hardacre's bit of rough in the comedy series "Brass". Did you ever see that? Spoof Catherine Cookson. Historical comedy at its best. Hysterical, more like.

At 10:12 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Yes, I remember 'Brass' fondly; it was wonderfully nutty :-) Ssilent but deadly (SBD), springs to mind as one of the catchphrases

Apart from trying to work why I like 5th-6th century, I am also trying to work out what sort of angle (oh no, not them again!) would appeal to the judges of the competition ...


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