Monday, April 10, 2006

Woops! That'll be the YorkSHIRE wheel ...

This blog is up-to-date, if not a little inaccurate (if it aint typos, it's something else) Yesterday I posted a photo of the Yorkshire Wheel, and said it was supposed to open last weekend. But it didn't. Apparently, it was supposed to have a VIP opening on Friday (in time for the Easter Hols) - which is when I took the photo that proved it wasn't completely finished. Anyway, the full story is on Beeb Yorkshire. I just wonder how much it will cost to go on it, when it finally opens, that is.

As I live close to the area, I can report that the surrounds are being tarted up in anticipation. There's all sorts of clearing up going on in this previously rundown area, near the National Railway Museum. It's being developed anyway, but all this work suddenly got into gear in the last month. Or perhaps it was just cos it's spring. But a lot of foliage has been removed in the area, which is a shame as we know a lot of birds lived there. In fact it's where we saw the migrant Waxwings a few years back. They were drawn by the berries in some of the bushes.


At 1:06 pm BST, Blogger Martyn said...

Hi Alex

The mighty new Yorkshire doo-dah ! Not been up on it yet, it all looks very exciting.

Martyn (fellow York blogger)

At 8:45 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

The doo-dah indeed, Martyn! Hurrah for York bloggers. Thanks for visiting. I wonder if it will be open when the weather's nasty, for example, when it's windy!

Costs a bit to go on it. Bet there isn't a discount for Yorkies ;-)


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