Saturday, April 15, 2006

Simple pleasures

We got The Independent on Friday, as it has a Book Review supplement on that day, and since the dp was off work, I thought the Sport section might keep him quiet for a while. But we spied a quiz called 'Get the picture' and proceeded to work out the clues together. It was a selection of pictures that gave clues to names, and if we could complete it, we could enter the answers for the prize of a digital radio.

Anyway, we sorted it out in about an hour, though some of the clues were pretty fiendish. For example, there was a group of two pictures - one was of the British flag probably on board a ship, and the other was a bird with its beak wide open. The answer was The Navy Lark. Judging by some of the other clues as well, I don't know who will win the prizes, but surely it'll be people at least over 40 ... It was a really enjoyable and satisfying past time - never mind that I should have been doing my report ;-)


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