Sunday, April 30, 2006

On being a published author

Via Miss Snark, there was a link to and a blog about self publishing. This got me thinking about the whole publishing lark. I've come across some rather resentful POD authors. They've hawked their book round all and sundry, and simply can't understand why those idiot agents and publishers won't take their book on. Finally, they alight on POD and become published authors. But they still bitch from the side-lines about mainstream publishers, patently not understanding why their own book did not appeal.

I've got one chap in mind at present. I haven't read his book, but I am pretty sure it might have appealed to the publishing world - about 30 years ago. However, since the author makes no concessions by actually looking at today's market, he's at a loss to work out why his book hasn't been taken on. It's up to the author to be realistic about their chances. Fortunately, not every POD author is like this.

btw, I am a published author, but not in fiction :-) So what, though? In the academic world, one needs to have published papers to be taken seriously in one's field. But in fiction? Na. If/when I finally get something complete, and doubtless rejected by the mainstream, I may well turn to POD if I consider that there may be some public interest in what I've written.


At 4:08 pm BST, Blogger Martyn said...

I'm in a similar position I guess. I've looked at the whole POD thing and it does like an interesting means by which to get a book out there. Having looked at some of the POD offerings however you do have to wonder exactly what happened to the authors critical faculties ! I know there are one or two POD authors whose work just doesn't fit the requirements of the mainstream at present who have managed to build a small, growing readership for their work. I think it's about trying to retain a degree of realism and to seek satisfaction in the small triumphs.

At 4:35 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

I haven't completed anything to have it rejected as yet, but I'm a realistic (negative?) sort, and I can more or less see what is likely to happen. Even if it was passable, there's a good likelihood it wouldn't 'fit the market' - whatever the market is.

At present, a small trimuph would be to make time to do some writing in the first place!

At 7:29 am BST, Blogger Kate Allan said...

It's difficult enough hawking one's book about when you have the support and distribution of a mainstream publisher. Frankly. :)


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