Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Plodding on ... verrrrrrry slooowly

Oh, it's like pulling teeth. I'm trying to finish an archaeological report at present. There has been illness, software problems and general interpretation problems to contend with. So I just want it done, but it's a long time comin' Any excuse, and I'm off doing summat else. The deadline's past as well, but (so far) the client hasn't rung me up demanding it. Fingers crossed they won't notice for a week or so yet. It doesn't help that the dp is off work this week either, so there's plenty of excuses to bunk off.

Strangely, my imagination has also kicked in, and as I drift off to sleep of a night, I think through some of the difficult scenes in SoD, trying to find an angle that fits properly. Ha-ha, there's a joke in there somewhere about angles/Angles, or should they be angels ;-)


At 8:49 am BST, Blogger Diane said...

Good luck with the angle/Angle. It's at times, when it hits you like that, that maybe you should scratch that itch.


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