Monday, March 27, 2006

Job update

Just a few minutes after I posted my blog, and emailed the Manager to ask when I might hear about the outcome of the job, the post came! And it's a 'no' as I suspected. In this latest round of job hunting I've had:

*been offered a job I really didn't fancy and turning it down (one person alone in charge of a whole shop, and not enough pay for it by far)
*having an interview and a near miss (the woman in charge was so kind about it)
*a no to interview (had to put I'd left my last job due to sickness on the application form)
* an interview and a no (fair enough; I didn't think I was properly qualified)

So I've had the whole spectrum. I guess getting interviews for 75% of the posts is good, but I am very choosy about what I apply for. Of course, what I'd prefer to do is have a proper job in my chosen profession, rather than needing part time posts to support my dubious freelance work. That way, I could focus properly.


At 2:28 pm BST, Blogger Diane said...

Bad luck about the job. Another outcome could be interview + yes + it's what you want. Fingers crossed. Keep trying.


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