Monday, May 01, 2006

Embarrassing Sarah ...

I think it's time to thoroughly embarrass Sarah. Why? Because she deserves a bit of publicity. I don't know how long she's been in the Historical Novel Society, but she may have been there since it started in 1997. Anyway, she's always seems to have been involved, one way or another. If it's not been as a Reviews Editor, it's been as the editor of Solander, and sometimes both at the same time! Lending her great wisdom and editing skills to make both publications a fantastic read. She ran the very first HNS Conference in London, proving it could be done; there was an audience and Sarah ensured that there was a programme which appealed. Latterly, she's been involved in the HNS Online, working hard, gathering the relevant links to historical fiction from the broadsheets. Throughout, she's written articles and reviews of great elegance and perception. Sarah's blog, is, of course, beautifully well written and thoughtful, her finger on the pulse. All this, and she has a family to care for too. How does she fit it all in? She excels at everything she does. I'm insanely jealous :-) I believe Mary Sharratt is correct - Sarah is a goddess.


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