Monday, July 24, 2006

Getting nothing useful done

With an event tomorrow, and one this coming weekend, as well as a big event looming in August, I'm starting to apply my brain in the re-enactment direction. It all takes a lot of planning. For example, tomorrow, we just need our soldier kit, but it needs to be cleaned and repaired (soft and hard kit), and I need to ensure we have other stuff with us (such as suntan lotion, water, any required medication, etc.). Since we won't have a car, or a proper base, we need to have everything with us. Same goes for the weekend, but at least we'll have a base. Unless we want to hire a taxi, hopefully we'll only have kit we can easily carry. I'll be in female kit, and I think Batman will just be doing his antler work, so no shields and spears to hoick about. Any ideas about doing my archaeology article are getting pushed down the list of things to do. But these events are great fun, so I shan't complain :-)


At 8:43 am BST, Blogger Diane said...

Break a leg on those events. The article will still be there when you're back.

At 2:34 am GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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