Monday, July 31, 2006

Home front

Just recovering from another event. It was in York, but we walked there and back. In this heat, it's rather tiring :-) And now I've got plenty of washing and tidying to do. Then I'll start seriously planning for English Heritage's Festival of History. I've already started preparing as the mosaic display requires a lot of forethought, especially as I'm doing it in collaboration with someone else. Who's doing what needed to be sorted, for example - we seem to have worked that out out OK. That's pretty good going seeing as we've never actually met! Finger's crossed we've thought of everything, and will have what we need when we finally meet in a field in Northamptonshire in a couple of week's time ...

Meanwhile, on Friday evening there were people looking over the house next door. Since Alf died in December, the house has been unoccupied. We've been waiting for a For Sale sign to go up. Either the visitors were estate agents, or somehow the house has been sold sans sign. I'll be buying Property Press this Thursday to see if it's been advertised.

Just up the road from us, in a park, a woman was attacked. She's still in hospital, and I hope she has a speedy recovery.


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