Thursday, August 31, 2006

Frog in bucket

Just before we went away for the Bank Holiday weekend, I found that we had a frog in the bucket again. The bucket lodges under the water barrel outside the shed. Once before we'd found a frog there, and assumed he'd strayed in by accident. Now we're wondering if he really likes it, since it's the second time he's turned up.

I took some photos, and as you can see, he let me get really close. But once in the bucket, can he get out again by himself? We left him for the day, and when he was still there next morning, Batman rested a wooden rod in the water, reasoning that the frog could use it to get out, if he wanted. It worked, and a couple of hours later, our visitor had disappeared back into the soggy garden. It's a shame really, as we loved his froggie company.


At 2:08 pm BST, Blogger Diane said...

He looks lovely. I quite like frogs. I hope he comes back - I'm sure he will.

At 5:09 pm BST, Blogger Sarah Cuthbertson said...

He's much more appealing than the giant spider I found in our (dry) bucket the other day! I put the bucket on its side (do buckets have sides? Well, you know what I mean) so he could crawl out but he kept rying to crawl up the bottom of the bucket. So he's thick as well as ugly.

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