Monday, December 18, 2006

Big toe :-(

Last Thursday I managed to drop the iron on my right big toe. The good news is that the iron wasn't hot at the time. However, the toe rapidly became a lovely purple colour and wearing a shoe entailed the bruise being rubbed somewhat, i.e. it's made walking rather difficult. And yes, this injury is on the foot that had caused me so much trouble for the past couple of years. Funnily enough, in the last few months, it's been fine. I'm now suspecting it has delusions of some sort of grandeur in wanting to keep me from walking properly and being the centre of my world. Anyway, all this was just before the interview on Friday at noon, followed by doing a paid function in the evening at the small museum. Not to mention me having said I'd do the bar at the craft fair for said museum over the weekend.

I managed it all, but had to catch a lot of buses to get around due to the pain in my big toe. Today, I am relaxing, eating chocs and watching the recordings of tv progs that Batman made over the weekend for me. He managed to put the Christmas decs up as well, so he's a sweetie. Oh, and I'm waiting to hear the results of the interview. The chap said he'd call today and give 'feedback' Sounds ominous. Is it a good idea to make interview panels laugh? I fear I may find out soon .... ;-)


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