Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My hands hurt!

Started my Roman mosaic kit yesterday, and now have aching muscles in my hands where I've been cutting loads of bits of ceramic tile to size using nippers. When I do my 'real' Roman mosaic activities, I shall be using a hammer & hardie (a sort of block mounted chisel). I hope it's less painful than flexing the nippers! Anyway, the stag is complete and I'm doing the border now. This will be followed by the background, then I'll need to grout it. Don't know if I'll finish it this week as I've got to start cleaning the house soon because someone's coming to stay.

I seem to have reached an end with the 6th century story which is rather bewildering, as it's been with me for rather a long time. Obviously it's very much a first draft, but I'm not sure I'll be going back over it. As my (very chaotic) apprentice piece, I think it's something that needs to go in a drawer somewhere, and possibly get left there! However I did enjoy the journey immensely. Anyway, next week, it'll be back to revising the synopsis and 5000 words of the 5th century story for my writing group's competition.

Like Kate Allan, I've also got to finish reviewing a book for the Historical Novel Society. Since the book review is due during the time my friend's coming to stay, I should really send it off before she arrives (Friday) Better get on with it then ...


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