Thursday, April 21, 2005

I think I'll go and lie down in a darkened room

LoTR now has nearly 13,000 words. Which means I've averaged around 2,500 words a day for the previous three days and I'm knackered. It's probably the intensive staring at the computer screen while I write/ type. Got to the end of the first phase, and when I take up the lead's story next, he'll be a couple of years down the line. At this rate, for me also it might be a couple of years, as he's tired me out! I can already see there are things I need to re-jig, in particular one of the older character's age and the addition of people who should be around at this time, but will resist the urge to fiddle at this point, so I don't get bogged down. Aargh! I just want to concentrate on writing this sucker, but real life gets in the way ... Now it's time for me to do everything I've been neglecting for the past three days. Rats and Double Rats!


At 10:56 pm BST, Blogger Olga said...

Yes, life has tendency to get in the way of writing, but you're doing great! 2,500 words a day is amazing!

At 8:45 pm BST, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Great going, though!


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