Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Good grief, LoTR now has over 10,000 words to its name! I got rather excited yesterday, as something I'd been planning to put in worked out very well. Not saying the scene is properly written, but the concept fitted in easily. Eeek! I might even have some semblance of control over my material (gosh, that would be nice). With Dark Age/'Arthurian' stuff, as LoTR is, you're always casting a glance over your shoulder regarding the legendary aspects, and this time I've integrated it without too much effort. One character has also surprised me with something I hadn't realised, but, again, it all fits in well. I must be heading for a fall; things can't keep on going right for very long.

However, this first, scene setting phase, will be coming to an end soon (shame!), and I'll need to stop and think out how to approach the main part of my lead's career. Planning is required as this part is semi-fixed (everything's open to interpretation in 5th century Britain, which is both a blessing and a bane, but I need to choose my path carefully.) I won't go back to reivse the words I've already written, otherwise I'll get bogged down and lose sight of the bigger picture. After seeing others paralysed, blocked and stalled by wanting to get everything right first time or thinking too much about 'the market,' I want to get the story down first. Frankly, I want to know what happens next!

Currently got some smashing books to review for the HNS, both of them non-fiction, both of them about things Late Roman/'Arthurian' I'm a pig in the proverbial at the moment :-)


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