Monday, September 05, 2005

Way to go, RNA!

Just watched University Challenge: the Professionals, only to see the RNA beat the Economist, which means the RNA is in the final! Beau Bowden, when I met him at Kelmarsh, was honourably not letting on about the outcome. Looking forward to the final next week; well done the RNA :-)

Back from the last re-enactment event of the season. Totally knackered. I nearly always am, and I reckon it may be down to being dehydrated, as I drink tons (of tea!) afterward. Trouble is, at events, the loos are nearly always a long walk away and/or there's a queue, and there's no motivation to drink much. That said, I always drink if I feel thirsty, but if the loo's a fair walk away, and you're supposed to be 'on show' one doesn't keep necking it down unnecessarily.


At 12:33 am BST, Blogger Stephen said...

What you need is a reproduction late Roman (or early Anglian, according to taste) chamber pot. Keep it in the tent, and once or twice a day you can re-enact a genuine early mediaeval sanitary activity by taking it over to the portaloos and dumping it.

(Glad to see you've put in word verification after that nasty outbreak of comment spam)

At 11:17 am BST, Blogger Diane said...

The spambots have certainly been working overtime. Isn't it a pain? I've put the verification on mine now, too.

I hope you're relaxing after the end of your re-enactments, and delighted you went in the end despite your reservations.

Oh and I'm so mad. I meant to watch University Challenge and forgot. If it's next week, I really ought to remember.

At 11:24 am BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Yeah, the spam thing had me perplexed, and I didn't realise at first that I could put the word authentification on (doh!) Then someone mentioned it in their blog, and I had a clue what to do :-)


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