Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Skippy ... the sheep

Camping at Bede's World was great, especially since we pitched our tent very close to a bunch of sheep. Yes, they were fenced in, but this little madam had a habit of jumping out and wondering around, hence the name Skippy. And what's more, Skippy was 'a slapper,' in the words of the Farm Manager. When the rams got loose, it was only Skippy who got caught in the family way!

By now, she has a rather large lamb being weaned, but still calling (and calling, and calling) for his mother at unearthly times in the morning ... But it was a pleasure to be so close to them, and Skippy in particular. Before this, I wanted a pet sheep or two, but now I know I'd love having them around. Skippy in particular was a character, being 'top sheep' in (and out) of the pen. There was definitely a pecking order, namely The Lamb, Skippy (she'd always let the Lamb feed first, when treats were on offer), the black sheep, the brown sheep, with the white sheep hardly daring to draw breath. It's a shame Bede's World is so far from York, otherwise I'd be offering to volunteer and work with the animals.


At 12:53 am BST, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Bede's World looks a bit like Tilleda, only they don't breed animals there - which would be a nice idea, we have some old breeds in Germany, too.


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