Thursday, October 06, 2005


Went to see Pride & Prejudice at the cinema today. I really rather liked it. Very different from the Beeb's version (it had to fit into less than two hours for starters), but I felt it did 'interiors' very well indeed. It felt very intimate - from the great frenzy of the dancing where the viewer was taken right into the picture, to the intense exchanges between Darcy and Lizzie. Matthew MacFadyen's Darcy was more sensitive than Firth's. Having seen MacFadyen in several things over the years (Warriors, Perfect Strangers) I find him an interesting actor. Keira Knightly was, for me, one of the best things about the King Arthur film (she did her best with a rather under par story) and in P&P she carries off Lizzie ably.

Also found out that one of my favourite movies, Alexander Nevsky, will be on at the cinema for one day only in November. Yaroo! With a score by Prokofiev, it can't go wrong! Funny enough, like King Arthur, it includes a battle on the ice. However, since Nevsky was released in 1938, I rather think this Soviet film's spiffing idea was swiped by King Arthur ...


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