Thursday, November 17, 2005

Get your kit off, Mark Anthony!

The third episode of Rome. Am I warming to it? Not really. It's rather plot driven, I think. And I do not seem to be a fan of plot over character. Personalities are jockeying for position, but I still see no one enough to become really interested in what happens to them.

Anyway, last night Mark Anthony, for some reason, seemed to be having a wash in the middle of his yard. I'm afraid this was full-frontal nudity just for the sake of it. Perhaps slaves might have stripped off and sluiced a bucket of water over their head (and we've seen a snatch of that too). But Mark Anthony? Wouldn't he have had his own set of baths to wallow in? And to add to that, Mark entertained one of his clients whilst he stood there been wiped down like a shire horse being cared for after a hard day in the hay field! I think the idea is to give the impression that Mark is a hard man, but actually all he seems to do is get his kit off for the lady viewers. At least Julius Caesar has more decorum :-)

However, the said client in the yard-shower scene was Vorenus. He was clothed, and the way his tunic hung over his chest was very reminiscent of Roman stone carvings. So Rome taketh away and Rome also giveth on the authenticity stakes ...


At 10:59 pm GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Now, if Marc Anthony and Vorenus had some fun in the bath house, that would have been something I'd watch. ;-)

Well, I'll give the series a shot when it makes it to Germany, but it'll probably end as background entertainment.

At 9:04 am GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Good grief! Vorenus doing something naughty with a bloke? I don't think so, he's way too straightlaced :-)

As you say, Rome is currently trying to be background entertainment


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