Monday, January 16, 2006

Job interview aka foot not in mouth

The interview at the Classical Music shop went well. Not to much prying about what I'd done before, and specifically why I left my last post (foot!) In fact she (the Manager Director) didn't ask at all. They don't seem to for shop jobs. Suits me fine. She seemed very interested in me - 'we could do with more people like you' - i.e. relatively old and presumably over qualified. But the point is that it suits me to do the job, since the freelance work still bubbles under. And I think I put that over. The only problem is she seemed to be looking for lunch cover. Middle of the day for four days is no good to me; it's really difficult to do freelance work like that. I'm looking for whole days, and only two of them. And yet, she was still interested. Oh, yeah, and I also realised after the interview that she'd said about me working on the first floor. Doh! That's where the music scores are, not the CDs. I don't mind either way. Will find out later this week if I've got a job there.

Meanwhile, the foot continues to improve. It's not coming on in leaps and bounds (as if! after over a year of being in stroppiness) but is considerably less 'moany' in outlook. There's still a month before the cortisol has gone as far as it can.


At 1:00 am GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Good luck with the job and your foot.


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