Thursday, January 19, 2006

Putting up with winning

It's a hard life. Having won my local writers' group novel competiton in May last year, I still haven't got the promised cup! I got the cheque on the night, but I'd love to have the cup too. At last night's meeting, other awards (a pen and a box) appeared and were unceremoniously given out, but the novel cup wasn't there :-( However, its whereabouts is known (after some questioning), and with a bit of luck, it will appear at the next meeting.

I'll finally see this legendary beast - a silver cup, and what's more, a cup that I actually won. That doesn't happen every day, nor any year previously, either. It's now a sort of Holy Grail (oh, very appropriate, given my interests, and the subject matter of the novel) If I do finally get possession of it, I'll only hold it till June, then I'll have to give it back. But I will ensure that I go to this year's competition results meeting so the next person can have it straight away. Though I gather the Committee will need to have it at some point, so that they can get the winner's name inscribed.

If I ever get hold of the cup, I'm afraid a nice piccie of it will be inflicted on the blog :-)


At 3:13 am GMT, Blogger Anne said...

I think it's awful that you've gone nearly a whole year without you cup!
No sooner will you have it then you'll have to give it back. What a cruel world. :o)

At 8:08 am GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

I think I'll live ;-) If I have it long enugh to take a pic, I'll be happy.


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