Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Eh. Diane's tagged me again. I must plot my revenge:

current clothing: scruffy black trousers & fleece
current hair: uncombed (am avoiding it as it hurts to comb long hair when one's sinuses are bunged up)
current mood: sane
current refreshment: tea, as always
current annoyance: the sun's on my computer screen!
current avoidance: outdoors
current smell: nothing (my sinus is blocked up)
current thing you ought to be doing: having another snooze
current thing or things on your wall: postcards of a spring lamb, and a crannog
current IM/person you're talking to: the dp, as usual
current jewellery: the ring I exchanged with the dp
current book: Jack Whyte's 'The Eagle'
current worry: will I finish that report by the end of March?
current love: chocolate
current longing: ditto
current disappointment: too numerous to mention
current lyric in your head: I wish I had an angel by Nightwitch
current music: music to the film Black Beauty (I'm not well at the moment, y'know!)
current favorite book: Bloody Foreigners: the story of immigration to Britain by Robert Winder
current undergarments: white knickers and grey vest
current desktop picture: Bamburgh Beast
current plans for tonight/weekend: hopefully some light re-enactment shopping at the Jorvik Viking Festival, if me and the dp (yes, it looks like I've passed the bug onto him) are well enough

I shan't nominate else this time round, but be warned ... ;-)


At 6:35 am GMT, Blogger Diane said...

Heh, heh. Sorry, Alex. I'm sure you'll get me back soon enough.


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