Friday, February 10, 2006

Losing a Roman :-(

Yesterday's Times said that the Lancaster Tombstone may well be sold Abroad. This is a great shame, particularly as it's so unusual, and it's also in relatively good nick It's going to be reported on in British Archaeology. Hopefully, there'll be so much fuss about it that it will remain in Britain, preferably in a museum close to where it was found. Most archaeological finds aren't this spectacular, and the developer wouldn't even bother thinking he/she could sell them at a profit.


At 8:25 pm GMT, Blogger Sarah Cuthbertson said...

If I were very rich I'd buy it and give to a local museum. Maybe the Heritage Lottery Fund will step in or the powers-that-be will refuse an overseas buyer an export licence.

What about the recently-discovered Egyptian tomb next door to Tutankhamun's? I heard that news on the BBC World Service late last night and thought I'd dreamed it until it was mentioned on the 6 O'Clock News tonight. Hmm. A few weeks ago I thought I heard on the radio that Mr Speaker was going to haul George Galloway over the coals for bringing Parliament into disrepute by his appearance on Big Brother. That really was only a dream, unfortunately.


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