Sunday, February 19, 2006

It's cold inside!

No, my central heating hasn't broken down. But I've certainly got a bug: hot, cold, sniffly, muzzy head. Just starting to emerge from it now, but not before I managed to send a rather more feverish than normal email to someone. Ooops! My finger slipped whilst I was typing and it got sent. It's work related, and was about something I'd requested in November, which has still not appeared. So ... Will be picking up the pieces on Monday, I suspect. Bad girl. It may require an apology.

Anyway, meanwhile, there's lots of interesting historical fiction related stuff going on at the moment. I might become one of the Historical Novel Society's Expert Readers for their short story programme. However, I am concerned that I might not be up to it skills-wise. Especially seeing the email that's been circulated - we might have to do paid critiques, should people request them. That sort of brings what is involved home to me. Presumably, we'll need to follow something like the checklist from Writers' Forum.

Also, Mary Sharratt - author and HNS Reviews Editor - has just started a historical fiction blog dedicated to authors who are re-writing the role of women in history. It may be worth a look and will be going on my blogs to read list for the time being.


At 3:45 pm GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Ohh, another blog for my blogroll.

I better rename the category Hero/in/es of the Past, lol.

At 6:28 pm GMT, Blogger Carla said...

Thanks for the link, it looks like a blog to keep an eye on. You were quick off the mark spotting it!

At 10:44 pm GMT, Blogger wil said...

I already knew you were an expert writer, but now, on top of that, an expert reader! Most impressive. ;-)


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