Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Camp Bling

There are protestors trying to save the site of the burial of the Prittewell Prince, and they've called it Camp Bling. Priceless! I couldn't resist putting the link in, particularly as one of my leads in SoD was named after Saeberht (long before this burial was found, I might add) who might be the Prince in question. Other reports on the contents of the burial can be found here and comprehensively from the Museum of London which dug the site. There's also a nice (small priced) booklet about it, which can be bought from Oxbow, or elsewhere.

I wonder if I could use the word bling in my novel? ;-)


At 10:56 pm GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

I wish them luck. It can't be such a big issue to lead the road some metres aside that place, if people really wanted to. They should take the Icelanders as an example - they change roads if they think a hill is inhabited by fairies, something less substantial than a dead king, after all.

Perhaps the dead Prince should go and visit some of those stupid politicans at night.

At 5:57 pm GMT, Blogger Carla said...

What is there actually left at the site, after the archaeological excavation? If the burial has already been dug and recorded, hasn't it already been destroyed? Or did the archaelogy dig leave some of it behind? I can't seem to work that out from the media reports.

Julian Rathbone used all sorts of modern references in 'The Last English King', so I don't see why not, if you want to :-) It's your story.

At 7:18 pm GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

There's not actually much left, as far as I can tell. With the amount of publicity the site was given, I'm sure most of it will have been taken out. But if these people want to protest, they can and will!

I'm not aiming to be in Rathbone's territory. When I read his book, I got the feeling it was all terribly clever and I was missing stuff :-( But there is a fair amount of actual bling in my story ...

At 7:29 pm GMT, Blogger Carla said...

Me too. I didn't mind with the King Harold book but I gave up on his later book, the one about some Eastern visitors being baffled by football, after reading the blurb. It sounded too clever-clever for me, and I know nothing about football so I knew the jokes would all be over my head.

At 8:38 pm GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Right, when nothing is left, they can as well build a road there.

To hell with the wild diggers. We have the problem here, too. Somehow the location of that Roman military camp got known and then people with metal detectors were all over the place.


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