Thursday, February 23, 2006

Starting too early

I'm still not recovered from my bug, but I'm doing what I often do when I'm ill - retreating into my imagination.

Anyway, I've decided that my first story, the 6th century SoD, starts too early. Only a little early, but I tried to set the scene, and it's not worth it. It slows everything right down. Once again, turning to the books I admire, they get straight down to business (Sampson and Gentle). What the heck. Go for it. SoD will start immediately with a violent death caused by the lead character, and which is a massive turning point. I'm getting to understand the lead's motivations a little more too, so that will also be in there. It's wonderful what a bug can do for the imagination :-)

Trouble is, I don't quite have enough brain power to work on it. And when I do feel well enough, I have several other things that need doing urgently. Doing this blog has knackered me as it is. Back to coughing and sleeping and imagining.


At 11:57 pm GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

To find the right beginning is tricky. Some of them fell into place at an early stage, but the Visigoth novel gave me a helluva time to find a good starting scene (not so much the historical context, but the character introduction), and I've just realised I started Kings and Rebels too late.

Verification word is hwgcmyw - looks sorta Old English or Welsh, doesn't it? :-)


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