Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The High Life - Oh dearie me!

Was it only me and a few others who watched the BBC's comedy The High Life back in the early 1990s? I love it, and fortunately taped it, so I can watch it when I want (and if I can find the video; I must put it onto DVD soon though). Apparently there is a commercial DVD of it anyway.

Of course, Alan Cumming went on to become a biggish star in the US. The series had me rolling on the floor and I could sing the Air Scotia theme tune off by heart at the time. My favourite catchphrase was: Wat's wrang wi yer push? Which might need some translation: 'What's wrong with your puss?' Aka: 'What's wrong with you, sour-face?' The immortal 'Piff paff poff' ditty was surely the most catchy 'Eurovision entry' the UK never had. Here's another website.

And it's not historical fiction either - oh dearie me!


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