Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Soundtrack crazy

Another CD I'm after right now (besides the Mercedes Sosa Misa Criolla) is the original soundtrack music to Stargate Atlantis. In particular, it's got a wonderful choir on the main title music. I rather wanted it for Christmas, but it wasn't available in the UK at that time. It's something straight out of Russian 19th century music - Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov, someone in that range. The chorus is a little muted and restrained, almost as if the composer, Joel Goldsmith (son of Jerry) is working up to something larger. It's a: go on, you know you what to! sort of situation. Much potential. Very lovely. Me want.

As for SG Atlantis itself, as a series, I remain neutral. I love SG 1, where there's almost constant delight with what they get up to. Just seen the last of series 8 and it was right on form. In the coming series, I gather there's much more in store, with Farscape veterans Claudia Black (who was in one amusing ep in series 8) and Ben Browder joining the show. However, Sam and Jack won't be to be around as much :-(

But SG Atlantis ... Well, I like scientist Rodney (or Rodders, as I call him, in tribute to Only Fools and Horses ) but sometimes the character is given stuff to say that doesn't quite fit him. And in general series 1 was like that. Perhaps it'll settle down in the next series and give the characters full rein.

Talking of Farscape, I note that Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars has somehow snuck onto Channel Five - showing this Wednesday. Channel Five keep sucking up stuff from other channels. SG1 is shown on Channel 4, but Channel Five showed SG Atlantis. At one point they were running concurrently, but in SG1 the discovery of Atlantis hadn't happened yet. The bear-of-little-brain got a tad confused again!


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