Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All dressed up ...

There I was in my (comparative) finery, and I didn't take my underfleece off. I managed the outer one, but didn't fancy exposing my arms to the chill. It's a cold day, and the place I had my interview wasn't particularly warm, so I daresay I looked my normal scruffbag self. Except underneath it I was wearing a nice dress, tights (even!) and my new shoes. Reckon I haven't got the job, though I can see that they will have probably interviewed others who won't fit into the ethos of the place (a small historical charitable venue). But in the end, I don't mind if I don't get it..

It's just that I reckon I probably said the wrong thing, and made a fool of myself as usual. That's what bugs me, though I was pretty relaxed in the interview itself. At least I manage that these days, which helps. Then I can go away and berate myself at my leisure ;-)

Anyway, I chose to walk back home. Oh yes! My foot wasn't moaning, so I thought I'll have a trot. In the new shoes too, though I had my trusty old trainers with me just in case. But the foot did good, so that's something I am happy about.


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