Monday, March 20, 2006

Only a passing acqaintance ...

It just shows how rarely I go to the hairdressers! Yes, the trendy one round the corner was open. But it was as I suspected; they weren't interested in a dry trim. Now, I don't like to have a wash, cut and blow dry. The reason: I am allergic to some shampoo. I only use certain types at home. So I went into town early and lucked out finding a nice place that was open and would do a dry trim without getting sniffy. Whilst nattering to the hairdresser, she said that a lot of hairdressers are closed on Monday. Duh! News to me:-)

Oh, and I got the shoes I wanted. And my foot stood up to the rigours of a long day, and a walk home. So things are looking good. I shouldn't say that else tomorrow I'll wake up to a ticked off foot ...


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