Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Taking the plunge

I've signed up for Broadband. After finding out that Orange's Broadband price was the same as Dial-up, I thought what-the-heck and went for it. Just hope the ol' computer can cope. My re-enactment group keeps circulating photos that are over 2mb in size and I can't download. Well, I can, but it would take hours. I can't view movie clips without a lot of hiccups and waiting. I can't download the newer web browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 6. So now's the time to go Broadband

Once again I tried to download the messages from my old email address. Dial-up closed before it had even downloaded half. The email address basically died of spam. I'd have literally hundreds of trash emails per day, so I abandoned it. It currently has over 9,000 (yes 9,000) messages, and 99% of them will be rubbish. Presumably with Broadband, I could download the trash, apply anti-spam software and reactivate it. Hu-jolly-rah!


At 11:08 am BST, Blogger Carla said...

Broadband is definitely worth having, especially if it's now the same price as dialup. Have fun when you get it!
Many ISP's have anti-spam settings that you can tick boxes for on their control panel. I have addresses with BTInternet and Yahoo, and in both cases the ISP just diverts all the spam into a junk mail folder that isn't downloaded. Once in a while I log on to the webmail site and check the junk mail, just in case it's mis-filed something (which does happen occasionally). Maybe you could do something like this with your old email address? It won't get rid of the spam that's already accumulated but it would stop anything new and you could use the address again.

At 12:59 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Thanks Carla. If I download the accumulated rubbish (dating back to 2004 at least) I should be able to use my old address gain. But I think I'll wait till I've got Broadband until I do that; be interesting to see how fast it does it :-)

At 8:26 pm BST, Blogger wendywoo said...

Hiya Alex

Broadband is fantastic! I heartily recommend it. I changed recently and have been amazed at the difference in speed.

Orange seems to be a decent provider too. I had a slight teething problem with my wireless connection initially, but all is well now.


At 4:18 pm BST, Blogger Annette-newstart said...

If you want to talk about slow speed this one must be the slowest!!! It takes ages just to go on e-mail and then it doesn't allow all the e-mails to come through.We have had a virus,it's fine now I promise! but even so, sometimes I could throw this computer out of the window!!!
We can't have broadband because my husband has a laptop (for his work) and that is broadband. Can't someone invent something else I could use, without costing a fortune!

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