Monday, September 11, 2006

Star Trekkin'

YouTube is very much a Box of Delights. Just found the video of Star Trekkin' by The Firm from 1987. This was the theme tune for a dig. For once, it wasn't one I was on, but I can see the lure for archaeologists. We come in peace, shot to kill might be the catch-word for excavations - because of course when we dig we actually destroy the site. And as for It's life Jim, but not as we know it ... Much hilarity ensues on listening to this one.

Also high on my appreciation list is the person who put a clip of the ballet Romeo & Juliet on the website. It stars Alessandra Ferri who was with the Royal Ballet many years ago, but she left to join the American Ballet Theatre. A big loss for us in the UK. She was my favourite RB dancer. This clip, from the balcony scene, using Prokofiev's shimmering score and what looks like MacMillan's choreography, shows her at her finest. Don't know how old she is, but it's later than my Royal Ballet recording, but she's still wonderful. At the beginning it's almost as if she's breathing in the music. She never just goes through the motions. She makes sense of every movement and is completely with the detailed narration provided by Prokofiev's music. Bravo.


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