Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No news ...

Batman's not heard the outcome of his interview yet. Apparently it could be weeks rather than days because the two sets of panels (a total of four people) will need to meet and discuss the outcome first. So I'm not holding my breath.

The closing date for 'my' jobs is tomorrow, with the interviews (should I get some) the 2nd and 3rd weeks in October. I can hardly wait. Thanks to all those who commented in support. Unfortunately, these days I get very wussy about this stuff after having one long continuous streak of bad luck (lasting over 20 years) in my previous 'career' I'm under no illusions now, and it's frankly like pulling teeth; I know all about that after my dentist failed to remove my wisdom tooth in 2004. It wasn't for the want of trying (You're very patient he said after an hour or so of tugging) and I was in pain for weeks afterward. It's still rather odd back there. All of this serves as a lamentable metaphor for my job experiences so far ... The only thing going for me is dumb persistence and a faulty memory. Having re-read my blog about the last university interview after I'd sent my applications in, I rather wished I hadn't wasted the time and stamps this time round as well. Ho hum.

This time, should I get any interviews, I've resolved to revise something about team work as they seemed very keen on that. It's all Library Management Speak and don't mean squat when you're actually working. But never mind.


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