Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm very generous

Don't know if I'm considered generous with the crimbo presents, but Batman got the bug that I had early last week, so I'm certainly generous on that front ;-( Lucky him. I think I can say it was my fault that I not only did the Christmas Dinner, but I washed up too. The washing-up bowl is normally his domain, but he was way too ill to be doing that. I let him dissolve in front of the tv, while I tended with coffee and paracetemol.

Fortunately, my lovely chap is much better today, and he's currently splashing about in the bath. I missed him over the three days he was too ill to be good company. Tomorrow, we'll muck about in town for a while - if we get up early enough to avoid the queue, it'll be Betty's first, followed by a mooch, then perhaps a latte at Borders before trailing home. The Small Museum is closed till the second week in January, though I will be involved in some voluntary work there during the first week. But at least there'll be no temptation to drop in there tomorrow.

No historical fiction for Christmas. Though Batman did get me Nansen's account of his extraordinary adventures trying (and failing) to get to the North Pole. So when I'm finished with Birdie Bowers, it's onto Nansen, who was a very different man. Still trying to read Attila by Napier, but can only stand it in very small doses ... I need to find a hf novel to read that doesn't annoy me; haven't seen Mary Gentle's new one yet. I'll keep a look out if we get into Borders tomorrow.


At 4:22 am GMT, Blogger Anne said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Alex!

Hugs to you and your family.

At 7:00 pm GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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