Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A bit of an atmosphere

Isla Dewar has contributed a piece on atmosphere for Newsletter 10 of the Write Here programme:

If you are writing about a long trudge though a downpour, remember how it felt to have rain slipping down the back of your neck and your jeans sticking to your legs, and that first hideous seep of chilled water work its way into your shoes. Remember how you knew that you may be walking now, but soon you’ll be squelching. Writing about being on a hot beach, remember how you felt sweat prickle and sand between your toes.

Though my characters don't wear jeans, being out in the rain (and snow and hail) is on the menu, as is a trip or two to the beach ...

The photo on the left is of the stokehole of Chesters Bathhouse. I've camped at this fort on Hadrian's Wall whilst taking part in a show. The weather was lovely and sunny, and it was very atmospheric. Every day, at about 5.30pm, a cool breeze could come down the river - and make campfire cooking an absolute pain till it died down after about an hour or so. And as for the bleating sheep at all hours of the night ... :-)


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